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9 Alternative Ways to Advocate on April 24th

Multiple events happen on April 24th, marking a day of remembrance for the Armenian Genocide. The Hollywood March that shuts down Hollywood Blvd., the protests outside various Turkish embassies from Washington D.C to Los Angeles. Commemorations are held across America, as well as Paris, Moscow, Yerevan and throughout the globe. [If you want attend those events, start here]

Yet, sometimes the question is asked:

“What else can we do beyond a memorial service that can make a difference?”

Perhaps the question comes down to the fact that you can’t make it to a commemoration event. We must be willing as a community to accept the fact that times change, and with it, our advocacy. No one holds you accountable except for yourself – you must be content with the way you commemorate this day of remembrance. With that said:

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