No Name Press is the personal blog of Patrick Bairamian – yup, that’s me.


I love Science, Literature and Business. I enjoy discussing these topics –

Business has to do with people, and the crafts and professions that we choose for ourselves that dictate the majority of how we live our lives. It’s important to explore this category because the marketing, operations, management, and education of business are all the culmination of human behavior; mixed in a jar, shaken up and strewn across the globe. Business is everywhere because people are everywhere – the more we understand it, the better we’ll understand ourselves.

Literature is the tree of life that will sprout the very character of your life. Novels, memoirs, poems, plays, and even textbooks have been the bittersweet tendrils playing at the door to our conscious – asking to have their content read, questioned, analyzed and understood. Literature flexes the mind into a necessary bend in order for us to tackle reality’s awesome questions.

Science is the reality in which we live – as is the inevitability that science can prove within all of living beings, and the stars beyond the ones you see in your lover’s eyes. To better understand science  and technology is to better live your life with the knowledge of truth, reality and fact. Never fear science, for it is the harbinger of thought.

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