stoic – [poem]

We work to bite
With our lips
Yet no tongue to sooth the hurt
Simple words that once dissolved
Ones we’ve been hardened to avert
What masochistic pain
What sadistic lust
To love yet be hypocritical of war
When any opportunity that has shown itself
Is replied to with grit and senseless gore
Silly humans
Stupid beings
Alone and forever to the grave
As we continue on this path of knives
Deserving what we crave
And, so a wise man will come down
Breach the mind with words and simple thought
Makes us bend in the knee
To what we have been lost to and forgot
Can a mountain man really teach us
When the sun sets and quietness takes hold
Between the bosoms of both man and wife
When love should stir the cold
That will be the challenge
To look into each other’s eyes
Lie naked with the truth at hand
Clear the air of lies
Conflict has one enemy
Sorrow only one weakness to its name
You’ll think it silly and just plain stupid
To say love is the ultimate flame
A blasting furnace of pure emotion
No conditions set forth to wield its truth
For ones that truly love in this life
Know it’s a short lived, finite youth
“Live your life as if it’s your last”
Most may think, some might say –
And know that a time will one day come
When you’ll be absolutely right that day.

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